Part 1. Files deliverable

Capital mixers will accept pro tools sessions, or all the stems sent as .wav files lined up from the beginning of the session. We are not responsible for aligning vocals to beat or any out of sync files. Also a reference track may be sent as well.

All the stems must be printed/exported with no effects, such as eq, reverb delay , phase ,flange, or compression unless you want the final mix to have those effects exactly that way. Once the mix is started it will be extra to replace any stems that have been worked on.

Part 2. Instructions and terms

Wav. Files should be 24bit /48k and have no clips , hiss or distortion or room reverb. If they have clips, hiss, room reverb or distortion an extra $60 fee may apply to fix them to the best of our ability. If they are deemed unfixable then the engineer may refuse to continue mix services and a partial refund will be issued.

Please send the final version of the beat in session or stems , if you decide to revise, change, or replace the beat after the mix has been started it will be an extra $20 fee.

The tracks should be arranged the way the song should be in order, example hook, verse, hook, 2nd verse, etc. if you can not copy the hooks you may leave the spaces blank and we will copy them in. If you pile all the verses and hooks on top of each other then there may be additional fees to do the arrangement.

Any special instructions must be submitted with the session, please don’t wait until after we mix it to tell us.

Slight revisions are included, anything  on the part of the engineer we will fix, if it is on part of the submitter we will charge for additional time needed to complete requests.

If you need us to create the stems from logic , studio one, fl studio , Luna , reaper , audition or ableton we can for an additional $50.

All the stems should be compiled into clean tracks and separate as an example and preferably labeled , Lead vocals on one track, back up vocals on another  track, ad libs on another track and so on. Also please separate  the hook tracks into separate tracks. Keep in mind we were not present during recording and what you send us we will mix so please remove any extra or unneeded vocals. We will not go through all your vocal files and pick the best ones for you. We will chose based off the label of files if they are not labeled we will try our best to choose.. So please label tracks to avoid any errors. If you want us to go through all your vocal files this will be extra fee.

Capital mixers reserves the rights to remove unneeded layers of vocals, if you do 10 doubles we may not use them all as it just may cause phase issues and clutter up the mix.

Capital mixers will add special effects or drops where we hear them as part of our mixing style , if you don’t want any drops or effects please specify in mix instructions. If we add effects you do not like we will remove them at no charge.

Part 3. Legal

Full payment must be made before we will start work on the mix. You may send us files to be checked before we start. Capital Mixers has the right to refuse any mix for any reason. There are no refunds on completed mixes without valid circumstances. Absolutely no refund on published mixes. Any refunds are at the discretion of Capita Mixers and subject to signage a no usage waiver that the completed mix or any parts of our mix will not be published or used in any way.

Any questions or concerns may be answered at 518.487.4759 or by email at